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An Introduction to Smarty 3

October 6, 2010

Please find this article on

From → PHP, Smarty

  1. Waiting for the final release of smarty 3, will switch to it..

  2. @Nikhil , why do you want to wait for something to release :) .

    Dwoo is there , something similar to smarty itself . A good article can be found at .

    Also if you are a fan of python, Jango implementation then you can also look twig ;) .

    There are some comparisions and bench marks from Fabien . You can read more about it from his blog .

    Good Work Shameer , Keep exploring ……….

  3. Don’t waste your time on Smarty… Try OPT at It will blow your mind, really :)

  4. @hari going to explore dwoo :-)

  5. razvantim permalink

    Great article. I’ve been using smarty for agent but the new features from v3 will make it a more mature product.

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